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Product Name: PPD-Type OCP SAE 0W/10W Engine Oil Viscosity Index Improver
Product Type: Catalysts & Chemical Agents -> Chemical agents
Product spec: PPD-Type OCP SAE 0W/10W Engine Oil Viscosity Index Improver
Packing: 165kg
Post Time: 2021-04-01
Usage: GALX-8615 can be used for the production of multigrade internal combustion engine oils, which can meet the requirements of API CI-4, CH-4, CF-4 grades. The oils blended with GALX-8615 has good low-temperature flow performance, and have a good effect of depressing pour points on the oils for higher than 15W grade without adding other PPD. GALX-8615 can also be used as energy-saving additive of engine oils as VII.
Description: GALX-8615 has good shear resistance, thickening ability, excellent cryogenic pumping performance and good effect of depressing pour points. It is suitable for high-grade internal combustion engine oils, and can also be used in gear oils and metalworking oils as auxiliary thickeners. Key performance Benefits Excellent shear stability Less carbon deposition Excellent low-temperature performance Characteristics Item Typical Value Test Method Thickening Ability(100。C), mm2/s 6±0.5 ASTM D445 SSI% 22max SH/T0505/ASTM D2598 Kinematic Viscosity(100。C), mm2/s ﹥800 ASTM D445 Degree of Depressing pour point℃ -10 ℃±2 10% GALX-8615 in base oil Effect of improving VII 40±3 Low-temperature flowing property CCS result -10. Condition dosage 2520 400SN+0 2400 Dalian 400SN+5% GALX-8615 2350 Dalian 400SN+10%GALX-8615 heat pipe experiment,320 C, 6h 3.5Grade Blended into 15w40 CF-4 CCS Data Sheet -10℃ -15℃ 400SN 2520 400SN+5%GALX-8615 2400 400SN+10%GALX-8615 2350 400SN+0.2%GLAX-803B 2490 5480 400SN+5%GALX-8615+0.2%GLAX-803B 2480 5250 400SN+10%GALX-8615+0.2%GLAX-803B 2390 5170 Coking experiment Heat Pipe 320℃, 4h 150SN N32 6.5 Grade 7 Grade Heat Pipe 320℃, 6h Similar Product SSI%<18 GALX-8615 CF-4 15W40 6.5 Grade 3.5 Grade Related OCP serious GALX-8612,8613,8614
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